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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Advisory is starting to revolutionise how business exchange assets to increase speed of transactions and increase security. Our team is equipped with the knowledge to help you better understand what it could mean for every user of blockchain technology.

Transform your Crypto Accounting - more than a digital currency management.

We understand the tax and accounting complexities that arise when utilising blockchain & cryptocurrency technology, allowing us to deliver crypto-specific tax advice and services.

Our team of advisors have a foundation in tax and passion for crypto, uniquely positioning them to provide accounting and tax advice to investors, DeFi participants and crypto-related businesses based on the personal experience they have developed through actively participating in the crypto community themselves.

We provide peace of mind when it comes to meeting your tax compliance obligations and work with you to deliver tax-effective strategies for your crypto activities, allowing you to focus on creating wealth and contributing to a decentralised future.

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As a passive investor we can assist you in understanding and calculating your capital gains tax obligations and work with you to take advantage of tax minimisation strategies, allowing you to plan appropriately for the future so you can to continue to grow your wealth.


If you are regularly trading in spot/futures markets or flipping tokens on decentralised exchanges, you may be deemed a trader for tax purposes and will be subject to slightly different tax rules. We assess our client’s activities to ensure their income is classified and calculated correctly.


Businesses operating in the cryptosphere or accepting cryptocurrency as payments are often misunderstood by traditional accountants. We offer a full suite of bookkeeping, accounting and management reporting services work, ensuring businesses are meeting their reporting and compliance obligations.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

We assist DeFi participants who are borrowing and lending on decentralised money markets navigate the complex tax implications that can arise when transacting on these protocols.

We assist liquidity providers in determining what transactions constitute taxable events and how to calculate their assessable income.

DeFi protocols have given rise to unprecedented opportunity to generate yields that far exceed what is possible in traditional finance. Complex yield farming strategies are not only stressful to manage but can be a nightmare when it comes to record keeping. We assist yield farmers in maintaining appropriate records and determining their tax obligations.

The tax implications of staking your assets to a network or protocol can be complex and confusing. We assess our client’s staking activities to help them understand their tax obligations.

Airdrops are commonly used by new protocols to incentivise users to use their product and the tax treatment of these air drops are commonly misunderstood. We assist our clients in understanding the tax obligations that arise as a result of receiving air drops.

DAOs are a novel way to organise both financial and human capital with some of the largest existing DAOs controlling treasuries worth billions of dollars. We can assist existing businesses looking to move to a DAO structure in unwinding their existing corporate structures to enable a smooth transition. We also provide standard accounting and financial reporting services to DAOs to assist them in maintaining financial records of their operations.

The Metaverse

Decentralised games and virtual worlds have given rise to innovative play-to-earn models and unique methods for gamers to earn an income. We work with gamers to assess whether their activities are taxable and how to calculate their taxable income.

NFTs and digital collectibles are assets that are commonly overlooked by investors but may still be taxable depending on the circumstances in which they were acquired. We assist our clients in determining the tax implications of these unique investments.

There has been an explosion in virtual real estate transactions in recent times as the Metaverse gathers momentum and innovative companies establish virtual headquarters. We assist our clients in understanding the tax implications of buying, selling and renting virtual property.

Network Validators

Whether you’re mining your favourite token or have established a complex multi-rig mining operation, we assist our clients in assessing their taxable revenue, allowable deductions, eligibility to access certain tax concessions and how to appropriately assess depreciation on the hardware used in their operations.

Innovations in proof-of-stake have significantly reduced the capital intensity of validating blockchains, allowing more users to participate in securing these networks. Decentralised oracle networks also serve as key infrastructure in securing data transmission and allow smart contracts to execute effectively. We assist node operators in assessing their taxable revenue, allowable deductions, eligibility to access certain tax concessions and how to appropriately assess depreciation on the hardware used in their operations.

Our Blockchain advisory services

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Our most common services are listed below, but let us buy you a coffee to discuss your specific requirements.

Tax Reports

Whether you’re passively investing, regularly trading, yield farming or doing anything in between, we will review both your trading history and other on-chain activities in order to deliver a comprehensive tax report to be used to lodge your annual tax return. Our tax report will collate and summarise data across all crypto related products and services, including:

  • Centralised & decentralised exchanges
  • DeFi protocols
  • Staking
  • NFT marketplaces
  • The Metaverse

Tax return and Activity Statements

We assist our clients in preparing and lodging their annual tax returns and ongoing activity statement obligations, ensuring they are reporting the correct information to the Australian Tax Office. Further yet, we will liaise directly with the ATO on your behalf should they request clarification or verification of your reported earnings.

Specialist tax advice

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the crypto ecosystem and the tax implications of investing in digital assets and transacting on decentralised protocols. We assess our clients’ activities to provide advice tailored to their personal circumstances, ensuring they understand their tax, compliance and other reporting obligations.

Tax planning

We work with clients in reviewing their activities throughout the financial year, giving them the opportunity to determine their expected taxable earnings, allowing them to plan appropriately and implement strategies to reduce their tax liability and ultimately preserve their capital.

Business operations

We partner with our clients to ensure they harness technology to create and deliver operational efficiencies, think bookkeeping, payroll, and activity statements. This then facilitates analysing business performance through the interpretation of your financial data into meaningful management reports, providing you with valuable insights to guide your strategic decision-making.

Tax structuring & asset protection

Appropriate structuring of your business and/or the vehicles that hold your assets can bring tax efficiencies to ultimately reduce your tax liabilities and enables you to better protect the assets you own and wealth you have created.

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Frequently asked questions

In the context of accounting and tax, blockchain advisory in Australia refers to the professional services and guidance provided to individuals and businesses regarding the establishment of a blockchain based business and the financial reporting, regulatory and income tax implications of doing so.

The role of a blockchain advisor may include:

Assessing Financial Reporting Standards: Advisors can evaluate the potential impact of Australian and International Financial Reporting Standards and how they apply to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain related businesses. For example, businesses required to maintain IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition policies are required to review the performance obligations of the revenue they generate and report on the revenue in the financial statements in accordance with their policy. 

Regulatory Obligations: Businesses operating a financial services business in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry may be required to hold an Australian Financial Services License and register with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). Ensuring your business is compliant with financial services law and AML/CTF regulations is imperative to sustainability of their business. Blockchain advisors have the necessary connections to ensure compliance.

Income Tax Compliance obligations: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain businesses are operating in a new technological industry which is often misunderstood by more traditional business and tax advisors. It is important to engage with a reputable and experienced blockchain advisory firm that understands the technology and can talk to the various challenges faced by the industry, most importantly a firm that can offer insights on the tax and regulatory aspects related to blockchain businesses.

Engaging a blockchain advisory specialist can provide your business with the knowledge, expertise, and guidance required to successfully navigate the regulatory and legislative landscape. 

By engaging with an advisor early, you can have the piece of mind that the manner in which you have structured your business operations is consistent with the industry standard. 

Furthermore, you will get the most up to date understanding of the income tax implications of your operations from an Advisor that is familiar with the industry and can speak the same language you do. 

If your business has grown quicker than you anticipated, a blockchain advisor will have a network of regulatory contacts that will ensure your business and personal interests are protected now and into the future.

Blockchain advisory firms understand the nuance of different investments and business operations and are armed with the most up to date tax and regulatory information to ensure you are compliant with Income Tax Law in Australia 

Legal and Regulatory Partnerships: Blockchain advisory firms often have partnerships or collaborations with legal firms specialising in blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations. These partnerships allow them to provide comprehensive legal advice and support businesses in addressing specific legal and regulatory challenges.

By leveraging the expertise of blockchain advisory firms, businesses can navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, ensure compliance with relevant laws and guidelines, and mitigate potential risks associated with blockchain implementation.

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