Exit Readiness

When it’s time for a change, it’s vital your business is well-prepared for the transition from one business owner to the next. Our experts will guide you on how to sell a business in Australia in order to facilitate a smooth and successful process, leaving you free for the next adventure.

Leave no skeletons in the stationery cupboard.

When it comes to selling a business, the devil is in the details. Having a neutral third party to help you navigate the process can help you achieve a better outcome all around.

We know it takes blood, sweat, and years to build a successful business, so when it’s time to sell, there’s more than just the price to think about. There’s often an emotional bond, legal agreements, and a multitude of moving parts to systemically transact.

If you’re asking yourself “how do I sell my business in Australia”, chances are you’re already considering the complexities of this process. The good news is that our Advisors can help you ensure your business is investor-ready. We undertake business health checks and complete reverse- or sell-side due diligence to ensure there are no hidden scaries, before you take the next step towards identifying potential acquirers.

We help share the load of this life-transforming event by managing negotiations, liaising with legal representation, and providing advice in order to structure the sale of your business in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Giving you market confidence

With a foundation in accountancy, we’ll provide the expert tax advice you need to maximise your sale outcome and manage capital gains taxation efficiently, and confidently.

A clean bill of health

Before you take the plunge, we’ll ensure your business is exit-ready by completing a business health check.

Our Business Selling Advisory Services

'It's accrual world'

Our most common services are listed below, but let us buy you a coffee to discuss your specific requirements.

Financial statements and tax returns

Many organisations undervalue the importance of accurate and timely financial reporting.  Whilst you might not get as excited by the numbers as we do, we pride ourselves of our preparation; and our ability to keep up to date with the latest legislation changes to ensure the best possible tax position for your structure.

Management Reporting Packs

If you are a proactive business owner…wouldn’t it be nice to have a good grasp on the financial position of your business, with insights provided to help you make decisions NOW.  Well our Management Report Packs allow just that with a full set of financials completed monthly/quarterly, and a detailed analysis provided.  Take the guess work out of running your business.

Taxation Planning

Every year, many of our clients participate in our tax planning.  Tax planning is the process of preparing your tax position for the end of the financial year before time, so that you can see what tax implications you may be faced with.  The advantage of seeing it before time, means that we can setup structures or plan the best course to ensure you get the most optimised tax position possible.

Structuring and asset protection

The correct structure setup is not only the best way to ensure you have the most optimal tax structure, it is critical for asset protection.  The risks of operating a business are great; so you need to ensure that you are operating in a structure that offers you the greatest protection.  We help by providing advice around the most optimal structure for you.

Virtual CFO

The highest performing teams are assembled with mutually reinforcing strengths.  Numbers are our strength…so what better way to ensure that your business is performing optimally than getting one of our team involved on a regular basis.  From Payroll assistance, to cashflow management, our Virtual CFO services will ease your financial management concerns.

Other compliance

Along with year end compliance, our accounting firm in Melbourne also handles all other regulatory compliance services such as Business Activity Statement preparation, IAS, PAYG summaries, Payroll Tax, Land Tax, R&D concessions and more.

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