Business Advisory Melbourne

Who we are

We are business advisors that exist to inspire positive, radical change in our clients, employees, and profession through partnering and collaboration.

What we do

Not your ordinary Accountant Advisor

Our clients range from Small to Medium Enterprises to large privately held companies and family groups with operations located throughout Australia and offshore. We provide a range of advisory services and aim to partner with our clients that deeply, we become their embedded advisor.

Accounting, Tax & Advisory

The solid foundation our firm is built on, our Accounting & Advisory team have clients across a wide range of industries, making us well equipped to deal with anything accounting and tax-related. As tax regulations and jurisdictions become more and more complex, our team invests heavily in tax training and professional development, ensuring we provide our clients with sound and practical advice. Our global affiliation with MGI means that we can call on experts in offshore jurisdictions as needed.

Corporate Advisory

Our Corporate Advisory division focuses on both Corporate Strategy and Transactional Support. As business acquisition is a typical growth strategy for businesses, we assist by considering matters like culture fit, mapping out synergies between businesses, and what are you actually buying (assets or equity) and other major considerations that must be worked through. Our processes and experience we have developed to save our clients time, money, and minimise risk.

Audit & Assurance

Having an independent firm to audit your financial statements or internal controls is a great way for the shareholders, together with the Board and business executives to understand the risks in their business, gain certainty that financials are fairly presented, improve governance and strengthen control environments. The audit and assurance team at MGIDC are committed to making the process as straightforward as possible and ensuring that your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Human Capital

People are your most important asset! Managing your stock and collecting debtors, yes they are important – but having engaged and productive people in your business can have the biggest impact on the performance of your business, yet you don’t see this in your P & L. Our Human Capital team can assist businesses from recuitment, onboarding, development, employee engagement, software selection and more.


Personal Insurance is a type of cover that provides financial security to you, your family, and your business for events such as a serious injury or illness, loss of ability to earn, total and permanent disablement, or even death. We understand that researching and identifying the right insurance for our clients’ needs can an expensive and complex exercise. By choosing appropriate types and levels of cover that suit every client’s individual circumstances, at the best premium rates, we take the guesswork out of insurance solutions.


We understand the importance of selecting the right financial products that can protect and maximise your cash flow, help fund future growth opportunities, and provide a financial platform that simplifies your current financial arrangements. This is both personal and business contexts. We also understand that each client is different and we will tailor each financial product to suit your needs. We also offer services to reassess current loans ensuring our clients receive the best deal in the current market.

Why we are different

Big firm capability...small firm relationships

Equipped with a team that has the experience and capabilities of a big firm, but maintaining our deep, personal connection is something we pride ourselves on. But it is not only deep relationships with our clients, our team are highly supported and we are conscious of wanting to keep our numbers small, but our value high.



Decades of expertise

Whilst our firm has existed since 2006, our vast experience goes beyond that.  We have a team of experienced professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, highly qualifed for every business need.  Some of the qualifications our team possess include:


Client Net Promoter Score®

Client Net Promoter Score® measures customer experience and how likely your customers are willing ‘promote’ your services to others on a scale of +100 to -100.  We take great pride in our customer service and the deep relationships we have with our clients and we are humbled to learn that our clients feel the same way.


Employee Net Promoter Score®

Employee Net Promoter Score® measures employee experience and how likely your employees are willing ‘promote’ your services to others on a scale of +100 to -100.  Much like client NPS®, we take great pride in our employee engagement and the deep relationships we have with our team as we support them on their professional journey.

But enough about can we partner with you?

A partnership we value

We are proud to contribute to our clients’ success.

Slattery & Acquroff Stairs are an Australian success story celebrating 100 years in business and we are fortunate to have taken part in the journey with over the past 20 years. Earlier this year, our Partners, Anthony Dobbyn, and Anthony Carafa interviewed Managing Director, Rob Acquroff, to uncover the story behind the business’ success.

Working with us is simple!

Changing Advisors is really not that hard!

Myth: It is hard to change Advisors.

Fact: It takes only 2 steps.


Reach out to us

We love meeting business owners and hearing their story.  In our initial meeting, we learn more about you and your business and discuss how we may provide value to you.  If we are in agreeance, we will send out our engagement letter.


We take it from there

And that's it...once engaged, we become your financial concierge.  Between services we offer in house; within our global MGI network; and with our extensive professional networks, we take the hassle out of changing advisors.  We contact your former advisor and handle all of the paperwork allowing you to concentrate on your business.

But don't just take our word for it...

Reviews & feedback

Committed to the next generation

From our industry leading MGI Graduate Program, to our revolutionary Pathway to Partnership Program, we are committed to seeing our next generation of advisors succeed.  There so many benefits to a career at MGIDC, but visit our Careers page to see how we are committed to the next generation of advisors.