Understanding your value

You have built your business from the ground up...but what is it really worth? What is your exit strategy? Our team are valuation experts and can accurately provide a detailed report on the value of your business, so you can make informed decisions.

Not just when you are looking to sell

Whilst most valuations are done around sale or acquisition time, they can also be strategically used throughout the business cycle.

In our experience, situations such as business sales and acquisitions are usually the only time that most business owners think about valuations.  However, there are a range of circumstances that a detailed valuation would provide additional information to inform business decisions and commercial outcomes.

Our valuations have been used for business financing, restructuring, employee share and equity arrangements and of course, for mergers and acquisitions.  But our process involves comparing the valuation to market, so most of our clients ‘value’ being able to see what their business is worth every year, so they can make informed decisions about their next strategic move.

The right credentials

Very few advisory firms have the necessary credentials under the APES225 Australian Standards and even fewer have an AFSL licence to be able to deliver advice that is ethical and appropriate.  Fortunately, we have both.

Detailed valuation reports

Our valuation process is highly detailed, but we take it one step further and source our benchmarking and multiple information from multiple sources.  This way, we can reduce the amount of assumptions and provide the most object value possible.

Our Valuation Services

'Boomerang businesses - guaranteed returns'

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What makes MGI Dobbyn Carafa different?

Big firm capability...small firm relationships

Equipped with a team that has the experience and capabilities of a big firm, but maintaining our deep, personal connection is something we pride ourselves on. Our team are highly supported and we are conscious of wanting to keep our numbers small, but our value high.



Decades of expertise

We have a team of experienced professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, highly qualified for every business need. Some of the qualifications our team possess include:


Client Net Promoter Score®

We take great pride in our customer service and the deep relationships we have with our clients and we are humbled to learn that our clients feel the same way.


Employee Net Promoter Score®

Much like client NPS®, we take great pride in our employee engagement and the deep relationships we have with our team as we support them on their professional journey.

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