Helping grow your talent

We understand that our people make our business and this is the case for most businesses. So it is important for you to identify, grow and develop your talent to achieve success. We can help in this area.

Looking after your most important asset.

Human Capital is more than is strategically ensuring that your human assets are happy, aligned and engaged, leading to greater business success.

People are your most important asset! Managing your stock and collecting debtors, yes they are important – trust us we are accountants, we know the importance of numbers! But having engaged and productive people in your business can have the biggest impact on the performance of your business, yet you don’t see this in your P & L. But how do you assess the effectiveness of your people? How can you reward performance? How do you fast track leaders in your business? How do you keep good people? These are some of the questions we get from clients. Today’s workforce is changing, technology is better than ever before so the ability for people to work from offsite locations is better than ever.

Tried and tested solutions we live by

Whilst businesses differ from operations to culture, the basis of looking after your people rarely changes.  Our solutions are beta tested at MGIDC and deeply engrained within our culture giving us the confidence to recommend them to other businesses.

Qualified professionals ready to help

It’s not like accountants giving HR advice…our Human Capital division is filled with professionals that live and breathe HR and have the qualifications to suit.

Our Human Capital services

'This's personnel'

Our most common services are listed below, but let us buy you a coffee to discuss your specific requirements.

Recruitment and onboarding

We partner with our clients to source and assess the highest quality and most culturally aligned talent across all industry sectors and organisational sizes. In addition, we can assist in developing carefully planned and executed onboarding processes, helping your new recruits feel relaxed and comfortable in the induction phase. 

Employee incentive arrangements

Employee incentive arrangements are becoming a popular choice for not only increasing the benefits to staff, but to also maintain continuity for your customers.  Some examples we have assisting clients with include: Employee Share Schemes; Employee Option Schemes; Bonus Schemes; Eligibility Criteria; Vesting Criteria and timeframes; and align of employee/employer objectives to improve performance.

Software selection and training

Having undergone rigorous research when selecting our very own human resource information system (HRIS), we understand the necessary requirements when selecting the most appropriate software for your business. As such, our team can help you understand your organisations needs, evaluate available packages against your requirements and help you select the best HRIS for your business. We also offer implementation training to assist you in your transition. 

Leadership development

Build the confidence and resilience to lead a team with our leadership and development methods. Our experienced team can provide you and your staff with hands on leadership and development training sessions that are tailored to your business needs. 

Employee engagement programs

We understand the importance of having a highly engaged and motivated team which is why we can help you understand the methods to drive the best employee engagement and help you understand how these tactics can be measured. Our team can tailor an employee engagement program based on your business needs to help your business succeed. 

Policy review and consulting

Employment frameworks are often not updated to keep pace with changes to the ever-evolving business environment, therefore important changes to legislation are not always identified. We understand the importance of policy reviews which is why we offer policy development, policy review services and consulting to our clients.

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