Acquiring your way

Business acquisition is a common growth strategy for many businesses. Our merger and acquisition services follow robust processes guided by the experience we have gained which save our clients time, money, and minimise risk when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

The right value is key

There are so many considerations and variables in understanding business value and synergies. So it is important to have the right team to guide you.

When looking at acquisitions, considering matters like culture fit, mapping out synergies between businesses, and what are you actually buying (assets or equity) are major considerations that must be worked through.

On the other side of a transaction, business owners are not often expecting or ready for a purchase offer when it arrives. As such, getting the maximum price is often not achievable. Our business health check and sale ready processes have been built around what we see as key in getting a business ready for sale.  These form the cornerstone of our merger and acquistions services. We also have an Australian Financial Services Licence; meaning our Licenced representatives can be with you the entire journey.

Experience in high value transactions

Our team work daily with nationally known brands for their M&A needs.  We have assisted with deals in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and in the hundreds of millions of dollars…so rest assured we have the experience that counts.

Detailed reports

Whether you are acquiring a business or being acquired, we provide detailed analysis and reports that keep you informed throughout the entire journey.

Our Merger and Acquisition Services

'You had me at EBITDA'

Our most common services are listed below, but let us buy you a coffee to discuss your specific requirements.


We leverage off close relationships in order to execute on our detailed valuation process. We are not confined to a single valuation approach, but rather choose a methodology to suite the specific circumstances.  Refer to our Valuations page for more details.

Due Diligence

As with any purchase: Buyer beware.  Our due diligence process analyses the business from both a financial and non-financial perspective to better ascertain the innate value of the business.  Only through a detailed due diligence process can you be certain of what you are purchasing.

Equity raising and deal making

Whether you are looking to sell or acquire, we have the team to be able to help you raise the equity and even help facilitate the deal.  We have an AFSL licence and can even assist in assembling an investor audience to make the purchase as smooth as possible.  Check out our Investor Ready page for details on how we can help prepare your business for investors.

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What makes MGI Dobbyn Carafa different?

Big firm capability...small firm relationships

Equipped with a team that has the experience and capabilities of a big firm, but maintaining our deep, personal connection is something we pride ourselves on. Our team are highly supported and we are conscious of wanting to keep our numbers small, but our value high.



Decades of expertise

We have a team of experienced professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, highly qualified for every business need. Some of the qualifications our team possess include:


Client Net Promoter Score®

We take great pride in our customer service and the deep relationships we have with our clients and we are humbled to learn that our clients feel the same way.


Employee Net Promoter Score®

Much like client NPS®, we take great pride in our employee engagement and the deep relationships we have with our team as we support them on their professional journey.

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