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With a solid foundation of knowledge as Accountants, our Business and Tax Advisory team can not only provide accurate and timely compliance reporting, but also help with everyday CFO tasks and allow you to focus on your business and customers.

Your own Virtual CFO - It's like having an onsite Accountant

From simple bookeeping tasks to complex management reporting, our Virtual CFO services can be tailored to suit your business.

Our Virtual CFO services have increased in popularity over the past few years due to the uncertain nature of business.  Many businesses have benefited from being able to scale up and scale down given business cycles and our Virtual CFO offering offers the same level of flexibility.

No longer do you have to wait until tax time to talk to your advisor; having a Virtual CFO means that you have direct access to the knowledge and experience of your advisor and they have a weekly handle on what is happening in your business.  This way, they can give you advice that is timely and impactful for your operations, right now.

Why MGIDC are your virtual CFO of choice

Scale to your needs

With the ability to scale up or scale down the hours involvement per week, our Virtual CFO’s can be placed to suit your business needs.

Extensive financial knowledge and understanding

Having the right answer when it matters means that we can provide sound and practical advice when it counts.  You can focus on your customers, knowing that the financial side is being taken care of.

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Our Virtual CFO Services

'I keep hearing invoices'

Our most common services are listed below, but let us buy you a coffee to discuss our specific requirements.

Reconciling and bookkeeping

Good financial reporting starts with good record keeping.  By utilising the power of Xero, our team can swiftly move through even the most complex of reconciling and bookkeeping tasks.  We can also take advantage of tools such as Hubdoc and Receipt Bank to futher increase the level of substantiation.

Management Reporting Packs

If you have a good bookkeeper on site or if we handle the bookkeeping tasks, then the data input can be translated into powerful management reports that give you a detailed look at the financial side of your business.  This empowers you to make commerical decisions, based upon accurate data.

Cashflow management

Access to cash is one of the single biggest stresses for a business owner.  Our cashflow management services can help you understand how to unlock the cash in your business, regardless of whether we are  working with your bookkeeper or as your complete Virtual CFO.

Payroll tasks

Payroll is a complex and risky part of business.  It is not only understanding the intricacies of payroll reporting, but also understanding the legal implications of pay rates.  Fortunately, our team are well versed in both and can assist your business with a task orientated payroll service, or a full function payroll offering.

BAS, IAS and Payroll tax reporting

We offer a full service compliance reporting function that enables you to reduce the stress of reporting your BAS to the ATO.  We stay on top of your reporting obligations and factor into your cashflow any amounts that will be due, well ahead of time so that there are no nasty surprises come BAS time.

Xero app environment support

We love Xero and love harnessing the power of its open API.  Many businesses are really accelerating their growth utilising apps within the Xero environment, but there are others that wouldn’t know where to start.  We can assist in helping you find the best app for your need and integrate it successfully.

Ready to let go and focus on your business?

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What makes MGI Dobbyn Carafa different?

Big firm capability...small firm relationships

Equipped with a team that has the experience and capabilities of a big firm, but maintaining our deep, personal connection is something we pride ourselves on. Our team are highly supported and we are conscious of wanting to keep our numbers small, but our value high.



Decades of expertise

We have a team of experienced professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, highly qualified for every business need. Some of the qualifications our team possess include:


Client Net Promoter Score®

We take great pride in our customer service and the deep relationships we have with our clients and we are humbled to learn that our clients feel the same way.


Employee Net Promoter Score®

Much like client NPS®, we take great pride in our employee engagement and the deep relationships we have with our team as we support them on their professional journey.

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