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From assisting your organisation with strategic planning to sitting on advisory boards, our corporate governance services will ensure your organisation has the perspectives to achieve the ultimate success.

Independent and sound governance.

Whether it is assembling a Management Board or an Advisory Board, having the right Board members is key to the ultimate business success.

Business owners and CEO’s are talented people; but in our experience, the most successful ones surround themselves with advisors that complement their talents and help them grow.  This in turn helps their organisation grow.

This is the reason why advisory boards are so important in a business.  The right advisory board provides independent and considered advice to the business owner and are there as a sounding board.  It is important to remember though that the right advisory board should comprise members of varying and diverse backgrounds in order to consider all possibilities.

Decades of Board experience

Our Team members have served on boards for many years and have been valued for their independent advice and mentoring support.

Diverse skill set

It is not just sound financial experience that our team members possess; we also have post graduate qualifications in a number of areas so we find that our team members play integral roles outside of financial understanding too.

Our Corporate Governance services

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Our most common services are listed below, but let us buy you a coffee to discuss your specific requirements.

Advisory board positions

Advisory boards are good choices where the company or the business owner is seeking professional advice and a sounding board for ideation.  We currently hold a number of Advisory Board positions with many different industries and bring an enviable amount of experience to the boardroom table.

Corporate health checks

We have a range of tools be able to be deployed quickly that helps business owners, CEO’s and Management Boards gain a better understanding on the health of the organisation.  This can be from a financial, operations, technology or HR perspective and our detailed reports provide tangible actions in order to improve any areas of improvement.

Governance frameworks

We can help any organisation move through business cycles.  Whether it is assembling the first advisory board; or appointing a CEO; or preparing the business for public listing.  Our team have the experience of a Big 4, whilst maintaining a boutique touch to ensure that any corporate restructure tasks are conducted effectively and purposefully.

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