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Having an independent firm to audit your financial statements or internal controls is a great way for the shareholders, together with the Board and business executives to understand the risks in their business, gain certainty that financials are fairly presented, improve governance and strengthen control environments.

Auditors you can trust

Whether required by regulations or wanting to proactively reduce your risk, our Audit team help many organisations with their Audit requirements.

The Audit and Assurance team at MGI Dobbyn Carafa are committed to making the process as straightforward as possible and ensuring that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

We make it our business to get to know your business so that you get the very best results from the audit process. With strict quality control processes and a robust methodology, our audit and assurance services are fully compliant with the Australian Auditing Standards.

Aside from simply fulfilling statutory requirements the audit team at MGIDC deliver exceptional value for our clients. We will thoroughly review your policies and procedures and highlight where you can achieve cost efficiencies or mitigate identified risks.

Increased stakeholder confidence

Audits conducted proactively ensure that the business is operating effectively, which provides additional confidence to stakeholders.

Identify potential cost savings and efficiencies

Our team have a thorough reporting schedule when conducting audits and as a result, we can help identify potential savings and efficiencies that could be missed in everyday reporting.

Our Audit Services

'Be Audit you can be!'

Our most common services are listed below, but let us buy you a coffee to discuss your specific requirements.

External Audit

Many organisations decide to undertake an external audit to review the credibility of the company’s financial statements and ensure that they are fully compliant with the latest regulatory obligations in their industry. However, the benefits of this type of audit extend way beyond simply checking compliance.

Internal Control Reviews

We all come across internal control procedures in our daily lives such as when you lock your main door of your house to go to shopping or when you are at work and you are either a manager signing off on a reimbursement claim of an employee or, you are part of a finance team performing month end reconciliations.

Compliance Audits

Aside from the regulatory requirements set at a Federal, State and Local level, a compliance audit can help you to evaluate how effective your organisation’s internal controls and corporate governance is.

Internal Audit

Outsourcing your internal audit can be an efficient and effective way of evaluating your internal controls and operating procedures and ensuring that your business is protected against unnecessary risks.

Forensic Audits

When you have worked so hard to grow your business and build a strong reputation in your market, you need to protect your integrity and mitigate financial and reputational damage swiftly and effectively.

Not for Profit Audit

Running a not for profit organisation can be as challenging as running a regular business. As well as the need to raise awareness for your cause, there is also the added pressure of public scrutiny on how you are using your funds and the constantly shifting regulatory requirements to contend with. Specialist, affordable nonprofit accounting services can be difficult to find.

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