Richele Janjatovic

Lending and Finance

Richele Janjatovic

Finance Broker


Meet Richele, who has an impressive 17 years of experience in commercial lending, she’s an expert in guiding business owners and investors towards success.

Richele’s remarkable journey began at ANZ, where she thrived in corporate and commercial banking for over 13 years. Throughout her tenure, she played pivotal roles in closing deals ranging from $100,000 to $10,000,000, specialising in supermarkets, franchises and trading
businesses. She led a small business team for circa three years, focusing on helping small business owners with commercial property purchases, refinances, working capital needs and

But her passion doesn’t stop there! Over the past four and a half years, Richele has been dedicated to educating and training brokers in the intricacies of commercial lending. Outside of her professional pursuits, Richele is a driven learner and is currently pursuing her MBA at Melbourne Business School. She also generously volunteers for the Australian Shareholder’s Association, contributing to the growth and empowerment of retail investors. Richele finds immense inspiration in hearing the stories of business owners and their journeys. Their challenges wins, and the drive to succeed fuel her own determination. Helping customers with their next big acquisition or simply securing a better deal in the market brings her genuine joy. Making a positive impact in people’s lives is what she lives for!